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Road Race
Saturday, 16 Sep, 2017
Lollipop course based in Wimberly, Texas.
Road Race
Sunday, 22 Apr, 2018
The Tour de Hills Road Race & Tour takes place on the famed “Jasper Disaster” course through Northwest Arkansas. Mile for mile, this Ozark route is one of the most ... moredifficult in the state, with some 316 turns in 56 miles. The route is extremely steep and strenuous but also very rewarding.

The trade-off: it’s one of the most beautiful rides you’ll ever experience with jaw-dropping views from scenic overlooks and multiple chances for wildlife sightings, including the famous ELK HERD in Boxley Valley.

Beginning in Harrison, take Scenic Byway 7 south 18 miles to Jasper, Arkansas. From Jasper, travel west on Hwy 74 to Ponca, Arkansas. Then take Hwy 43 north back to Harrison. The route is extremely steep and strenuous but also very rewarding.
Road Race
Saturday, 13 Apr, 2019
Do you love biking AND The Village Learning & Achievement Center? Well, you’re in luck! We have an exciting new fundraising opportunity coming up this Fall. By signing up ... moreto ride with The Village Achievers, you are directly supporting The Village Learning & Achievement Center!

Bike the 25, 50, or 100 mile route to Galveston while being fully supported by Bike To The Beach. Their are rest stops every 10-15 miles and bikes available for rent. By signing up to be a Village Learning & Achievement Center rider in Bike To The Beach, you are raising funds that will go toward the ongoing support of The Village’s vocational and educational programs.

“Bike to the Beach is a community of people who combine biking, purpose, and fun to inspire individuals to overcome obstacles through personal challenge and to inspire the larger community to raise funds and awareness for Autism, the most prevalent developmental disability in the world.” –

The Village Achievers are gearing up to bike to the beach on September 28, 2019. You wheelie don't want to miss out of this amazing opportunity, so sign up to ride with the Village Achievers today! Worried you'll be two-tired to complete the 100 mile ride from Houston to Galveston? No worries- there are 25 and 50 mile rides available too. Create a chain reaction by donating to the Village Achievers fundraising efforts and sharing the fundraiser with your friends. By donating, you are becoming a spokesperson for The Village Learning Center, Autism Speaks, and those in our community with Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities. We'll see you at the beach!
Road Race
Saturday, 28 Sep, 2019
Friday, 11 Jun, 2021
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