Family Cycling Club First Saturday

Mountain Bike
No Drop
Family Friendly
Rides suitable for cyclists who are new to the sport (or who have not been on a bike for some years), family-friendly rides or any riders that feel a need for some mentoring. Note: please note that minors under the age of 16 cannot participate in rides unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Families with children should, in any event, confirm with the ride leader ahead of time that the ride will be suitable for their needs.

Targeted towards riders who have a few years in the saddle, who have developed some riding confidence and fitness and feel ready to move to the next level. Could attract more experienced riders who are looking for a relaxed or less aggressive ride.

Limited to experienced riders with superior bike handling skills and who are comfortable with a fast pace (probably including single and/or double pace-line riding) and/or hilly terrain, and the possibility of heavily trafficked roads. Advanced rides are less likely to be "no-drop" unless identified as such.
Novice, Intermediate
4 - 5
Average Speed
2 - 4
Saturday, 3 Aug, 2024Monthly on the first Saturday
10:00 AM
Welcome to Bike Friendly Fort Worth’s Family Cycling Club! Join us every first and second Saturday for a ride on the Trinity Trail. We’ll ride at a family friendly pace for about 4 miles with plenty of chances to stop and regroup. Expect the rides to last between 1-2 hours, depending on stops, so make sure you bring water! LOCATION VARIES. Check the Ride Schedule on the Bike Friendly website!  

Here’s what you need to know:

All routes are “out and back” so no one is left behind, approximately 4 miles total.
All rides start at 10 AM sharp, at the designated location.
A parent or guardian must accompany any child under 10 years of age.
Helmets are required for all participants.
Trailers and tandems are welcome. Sorry, no training wheels allowed.
Rides will be canceled if the temperature is below 45° or it’s raining.
Please make sure all bicycles are in good working order prior to the ride.
Sponsored By
Bike Friendly Fort Worth (“BFFW”) seeks to work with local citizens, business owners, government officials, educational institutions and other non-profit/charitable organizations to ... moresupport:

The creation of safer streets for all
Increase bicycle awareness as a mode of transportation, fun and fitness
Support the Bike Fort Worth framework and plan
Provide & Promote education on alternative modes of transportation as a system
Promote community involvement and an active lifestyle.
Serve as resource point for those seeking out local Fort Worth riding groups and events
We are very passionate about:

Advocacy – BFFW seek to be an advocate for the local bicycling community in the city of Fort Worth. In this capacity we will work with policy makers, citizens and those other affected parties
Community – BFFW exists to bring greater community to the bike population of Fort Worth. BFFW wants to be a resource where you can find information about your local bike shops, bike clubs, groups, and organizations
Safety & Education – BFFW seeks to educate present, and future, bicyclist how to ride safely in the community. We also seek to educate motorist on how to interact with bicyclist on the road. Education around uses of bicycling for groceries, errands and other utilitarian applications of the bicycle. Through proper education to both bicyclists and motorists we can work to reduce bicycle related accidents and crashes
Sustainability – Bicycling an alternative mode of transportation that has low environmental impact. BFFW wants to support this and other forms of alternative transportation that compliments the Bike Fort Worth Plan, works to better the community, and improves the environment. An alternative transportation system can work together more effectively and efficiently
Active Living – Improving the landscape of our city through better streets, infrastructure that encourages physically active lifestyles in a fun & useful way, and education BFFW seeks to enhance the health of citizens and the city for the benefit of all
By supporting our mission and values, BFFW believes that we can lower bicycle related accidents and fatalities through education and increased visibility. Through more community involvement we can build a more cohesive effort to support Bike Fort Worth’s goal of attaining an official designation as a Bicycle Friendly Community through the League of American Bicyclists. Great strides have been made in Fort Worth over the past several years. BFFW wants to support this momentum in the creation of bicycle infrastructure and alternative modes of transportation this will help overcome the challenge of connecting together Fort Worth’s urban and suburban populations. BFFW believes that we can start by supporting extensive trail plans, safe city streets and the creation of arteries or major thoroughfares that exist to connect the edges of our city together. Finally, we aim to create an inviting and clean environment that is SAFEand FUN for adults, children, our senior citizens, as well as our visitors and guests.
Advocacy Group, Club, Education Group