TEC Wed Night Ride to Eat!

Road, No Drop
Rides suitable for cyclists who are new to the sport (or who have not been on a bike for some years), family-friendly rides or any riders that feel a need for some mentoring. Note: please note that minors under the age of 16 cannot participate in rides unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Families with children should, in any event, confirm with the ride leader ahead of time that the ride will be suitable for their needs.

Targeted towards riders who have a few years in the saddle, who have developed some riding confidence and fitness and feel ready to move to the next level. Could attract more experienced riders who are looking for a relaxed or less aggressive ride.

Limited to experienced riders with superior bike handling skills and who are comfortable with a fast pace (probably including single and/or double pace-line riding) and/or hilly terrain, and the possibility of heavily trafficked roads. Advanced rides are less likely to be "no-drop" unless identified as such.
24 - 24
Average Speed
14 - 17
Wednesday, 19 Jun, 2024Weekly on Wednesday
6:30 PM
Johnathan C
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29 minutes
check/inquire on FB page about this ride during covid times!
welcome to the wed downtown ride to eat ride!!

the ride starts at the north side of the pedestrian bridge (that crosses the lake) under mopac freeway.

please join and check-in on the event on our strava club page for latest updates about weather/etc:

ride is 24mi. route is a loop around austin. which starts on the westside. it goes north from start though neighborhood along MoPac to anderson ln. then heads east over to springdale. then south on springdale back to downtown. ride avg is bout 14-17mph depending on weather and who shows up. also at 17mph avg that means there will be fast sections that can get to 22-28mph. if the strong riders are hot dogging. dont worry this is a no drop ride. we regroup on these sections. also if the pace is still to fast someone will fall back and ride with you.

also this is a ride to eat ride. which means as we get closer to downtown, well will stop to eat somewhere, possibly before returning to start. if a place is chosen where you would need locks, we will advise in a comment with the destination (on the meetup site below). for those that dont wont to eat or have the time. there is a map provided. plus there is usually a veteran rider thats heading back to start.

this is a great ride. so, come out and enjoy good company and good food!!
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wed DT ride to eat
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