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The Marfa 100 returns! The perfect ride to end the season on the most beautiful road in the world. Come celebrate the purity of the sport this fall. Empty roads, music, and revelry ... morefor people who love moving through the beautiful West Texas landscape.

October 15th
9AM: Race starts

October 16th
9AM: Crepes!
10AM: Fun ride

Awards for all age groups
Overall winners' custom jerseys for 1st place male and female overall finishers

Awards ceremony sponsored by Big Bend Brewery with a selection of local, handcrafted delicious beers

Live music and party TBA!
Road Race
Saturday, 15 Oct, 2016
This is a series of monthly Time Trials from March through October. They will be held on the 3rd SUNDAY of each month. But everything else will be the same format as previous years. ... more

The first event is a 20/40km Time Trial on Sunday March 20, 2016 starting at Fitwell Medina Valley Fitness in Castroville and heading up FM 471 and back. The Start / Finish Line will be located in front of Fitwell on FM 471 and it will be an out and back course.

The first 20K rider will take off at 8:01 AM. 20k participants will be the first to go and the 40k participants will follow with the first 40k rider at no earlier than 8:15 a.m.
The course is an out and back along FM 471. The turn around will be marked and a recorder (Police Officer) in place to validate the turn, and assist with oncoming traffic. The Time Trial will be recorded and times will be posted 15 minutes following the last finisher.

The start times will be assigned in the order of category and time of arrival to gym on Sunday...First come first serve basis. Juniors and 20k participants will have the earliest start times, followed by the 40K participants.

Awards announced 15 minutes following last time posted.

Time Trial
Sunday, 16 Oct, 2016Every 3 Weeks on Sunday, until Sun, Oct 16 2016
Weekly criterium racing at the Driveway! My wife, Holly and I have been putting on races at the Driveway since 2009. Our daughter was less than a year old at our first Driveway. We've ... moresince added a son. They've grown up at the Driveway. Holly and I look forward to many more years at the Driveway. We hope your family, your friends, your dogs, and you can enjoy the races for years to come as well.

2016 will mark 29 years of Thursday Night Training Races in Austin. The last 11 years have been at the Driveway (with Holly and I at the helm that last 8 years). In that time we've met a lot of people and encountered a lot of situations at the Driveway. Below is a friendly list of what we've learned makes life at the Driveway more enjoyable for everyone. If you care to consider the following before attending:
"Driveway Life"

Be polite.
Be courteous.
Be helpful.

Watch for children.
Look after your children.
Because... children.

Check the weather before heading out.
Dress and hydrate you and yours accordingly.
Be prepared.

Leash your dogs.
Loose dogs and packs of bikes do not end well.

The asphalt is hot.
Dog paws are tender.
Consider this.

Trash cans. Please use.
Everything on the planet thanks you in advance.

Never assume.
When in doubt ask.
We are all guests here.

Never speed on residential streets.
Children and dogs live here.
Consider this.

Toilets. Please use.
Peeing feels good. Peeing in front of homes is bad.
Something to consider.

The wooded areas belong to the
Snakes - wild hogs - skunks - feral dogs - mountain lions - meth labs
Consider this before exploring.

Come back.
Enjoy some more.

Andrew Willis
Coaches & Professionals:
Thursday, 3 Nov, 2016Weekly on Thursday, until Thu, Nov 3 2016
Here’s what you need to know about our 3rd Annual Gran Fondo: WHO: Put together your team of 3-5 adventurous racers and register on USAC or by clicking here. Teams can be all guys, ... moreall girls, or co-ed, just be sure to come up with an awesome name!

Register between now and January 8th for $90/team.

Late registration starts on January 9th for $110/team.

USAC Registration closes on January 12th at 11pm – NO ONSITE REGISTRATION

WHAT: Race to the three ‘Super Secret’ check-in points as fast as possible.

Your team will receive the check-in locations at packet pickup on Saturday, Jan 14th at ATC, 923 Barton Springs Rd. Packet pickup times are from 12:00-6:00 PM. 

You can take any route you choose to get to each point, but all team members must check-in together at all 3 stops and the finish. No teammates left behind!

WHERE: Starts and ends at ATC. Depending on how your team decides to plot its course, plan on riding 85-100 miles. 

Austin Tri-Cyclist 923 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704

WHEN: First team starts at 9AM. Teams will go off every 2 minutes.

WHY: To show who’s been putting in the work over the winter. Bragging rights. And, of course, lots of great food at the end!You and your team will not want to miss out on the most fun you will have on your bike all year: RAA 2017!

**Additional Notes/Instructions**:

One person from that team will need to register, and then email with the Team Name (be creative!) and Roster. 

Teams will start in the order that they register, so if you want to start early/hit the stop with the cake before it's all gone/get back to the after-party for first dibs on the food & drinks, get your pre-reg on NOW! It's okay if you register your team before your roster is solidified in order to secure an early starting place. Just be sure that only one team member registers, and that you email Christie by no later than January 12th with your team's name and roster :)

You will pick up your packets on Saturday before race day between 12 & 6pm at Austin Tri-Cyclist. In the packet will be three addresses. Your entire team will be expected to check in at each address. Your team will decide in which order you wish to make your way to each address. There will be ride fuel and potties at each location.

Teams will leave ATC every 2 minutes, (first team's start time at 9:00am). Your team’s start time will be determined by the order in which you sign up. The earlier your team is registered, the earlier you'll start, and the sooner you'll get back to ATC for the after-party!

After your team has checked in at all three locations then you will make your way back to ATC, where we will celebrate your speedy or not so speedy return with some fun beverages and yummy food.

Your finish time will be determined by the last person on your team to roll into ATC. This is a team effort....No man or woman left behind!
Grand Fondo
Sunday, 15 Jan, 2017
Road Race
Saturday, 21 Jan, 2017
Road Race
Monday, 20 Feb, 2017
Sunday, 28 May, 2017
Tuesday, 13 Jun, 2017
Road Race
Saturday, 1 Jul, 2017
5:30pm - 8pm Fort Worth Wednesday Night Crits(WNC) - Fort Worth, TX http://txbra. org/events/event.asp?EventID=487 Race Time Length Cats FeePurse First Race “C” 5:30 ... more30min Cat 4 & 5 men / W 3, 4, & 5 (one race)$25 Medals Second Race “A” 6:05 50 min Men / Women 1-4 $25 $5 perracer / 3 places 50%/30%/20% Last Race “B” 7:00 40min Men 3,4,5 WomenOpen $25 $2 per racer / 3 places 50%/30%/20%
Wednesday, 13 Sep, 2017Weekly on Saturday, until Wed, Sep 13 2017
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